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Once Upon A Quilt offers beautiful Longarm Quilting service.  Jenifer has mastered this art and she is fabulous. Jen will choose your pattern design and thread colors for you or you are welcome to make your own selections.  Our turn around time varies depending on the time of the year. We offer binding services as well. 

Longarm Quilting & Binding Services 

Before you drop off your quilt . . .  

1. Press your quilt carefully to make sure the seams lie flat. 

2. DO NOT pin or baste your quilt. All layers must be separate. 

3. If your top or back is directional, please mark “top” with a note and advise staff member.


1. Backing MUST measure 8” wider than the finished width AND 8” longer than the finished length of your quilt top (quilt back is 4” larger than the quilt top on all sides) 

2. If you prefer OUAQ to seam your back, please advise staff member. You will be charged a $20 fee per seam. 3. A $15 surcharge will be added for a Minky, Cuddle or other difficult-to-handle backing. 


1. We provide batting: Quilter’s Dream REQUEST, 100% cotton, thinnest loft 

2. If you prefer to provide your own batting, a $10 loading fee will be charged. 


1. Our pricing is based on an all-over quilting design, also known as edge-to-edge. We do not offer custom quilting.  Most designs cost $.02 per square inch but more complex and stitch intensive designs will cost up to $.03 per  square inch. 

2. Thread (flat fee per quilt): $2.50 for 100% cotton thread, $3.50 for variegated, metallic or monofilament  thread 

3. Batting (from OUAQ): $.35 per linear inch 

4. Masking: This is the process of creating a “hole” in the quilting design to eliminate stitching over certain areas  such as an applique. $2.50 per mask. 

Edge-to-Edge Quilting $.02 - $.03 per square inch 

Batting: Quilter’s Dream REQUEST $.35 per linear inch 

Thread: $2.50 - $3.50 per quilt 

Special Charges: 

Minky, Cuddle Backing $15 upcharge 

Seaming Backing $20 per seam 

Masking: $2.50 each 

We welcome our customers to suggest a quilting design or come into OUAQ to view the large library of available designs. You can also choose a thread color from our collection or just let our quilting team choose the design and thread color for you. 


Binding services are available 

 THANK YOU for your business!


3404 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am 4:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday and Mondays Closed

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